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January 2014

Dear members and friends of FinIce!                                                     

The year starts with good activity in FinIce.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iceland Mr Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson had a meeting with the Ambassador of Iceland Ms Kristín Árnadóttir and the board of directors at the Embassy of Iceland in the beginning of January when he was visting Finland. The Minister got a good introduction on FinIce´s activities, aims and various upcoming events for this year. Trade between Iceland and Finland were discussed.  Furthermore, the Minister and his delegations wanted to seek information on how to promote the business between the countries and what support the government can provide to facilitate the trade referring to a poor import/ export numbers between Finland and Iceland. The Minister that the meeting had been very successful and informative.  

During the same week I along with chair of international boards of Chambers of Commerce in Iceland had lunch with the Icelandic Persident Mr. Ólafur R. Grímsson.

I informed Mr. Ólafur all about FinIce and busineses between the two countries.  We also talked about how good Brand Identity Iceland is to Finnish consumers and how Icelandic products/companies such as Icelandair being well known in Finland and Skyr and Lysi being imported to Finland with good results.

Matka fair was last week and to my best knowledge was good and productive.

 FinIce this year.

One of the things the board will be focusing on this year will be  export from Iceland to Finland. 

The Ambassador Kristín Árnadóttir has taken the matter to her hands and has applied along with FinIce to Íslandsstofa for a grant to analyse this matter better.

FinIce will continue to work closely with the Embassy of Iceland in Helsinki and will inform you about various Icelandic events that will take place this year.

Best regards,

Thordis Loa Thorhallsdottir





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